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Inside Teaching invites your contributions. As a "living" space, the site itself is an environment of learning, allowing teachers to connect their teaching practice with interested audiences. Here, educators in all settings can learn how to construct their own multimedia records of teaching practice, how to make them available online, and how to submit them for inclusion in the InsideTeaching collection.

What is a record of practice?

The Collections of Inside Teaching provide access to multimedia records of teaching practice. These are different from teaching portfolios, resumes, or a "best work samples" collection. The multimedia records of teaching practice collected in Inside Teaching are built on what Lee Shulman calls, "a generous view of teaching;" in other words, teaching is complicated, multilayered, imperfect, and reflective.

Many of the teachers whose work is represented here have many years of experience; some are in their first years in the profession. But all have taken the brave step to open their classroom doors, to unveil their questions, approaches and outcomes, in the hopes that doing so will help the larger educational community broaden our conversations about the complexity and richness of "everyday" classroom teaching.

Read More: "Aspects of teaching practice for documentation" (PDF).

How can I make my own record of practice?

By beginning to build a multimedia record of practice with the resources provided on the following page.

   Already have a record of practice?

Contribute your record of practice to be considered for inclusion in Inside Teaching's Collections.

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