Reading and
Writing to Build Community
 Schultz - Univ
ersity of Pennsylvania - Reading and Writing in the Elementary Classroom
Developing Pedagogies
through Knowing Students

Bringing K12 Practice to
Teacher Education Classrooms

Translating Practices
The Class
The Context


In a climate of mandated curriculum and a time of high stakes testing, how
can we create space for building community through reading and writing?

What are the classroom rituals and routines that support the
teaching of literacy while building community?

In my class for preservice elementary teachers my goal is to give new teachers tools for making decisions for teaching literacy based on knowledge of their students and knowledge of pedagogical strategies for teaching literacy. At the same time that they become teachers of literacy, my hope is that students begin to think of themselves as readers and writers. Drawing on the materials of secondary English teacher Yvonne Divans Hutchinson's "A Friend of Their Minds," I introduced the idea of building community through reading andf8 writing on the first day of class. From the first day we began with a discussion about how to build our own literacy community where we are known through our reading and writing, at the same time that we discuss how to create a community that includes safety and risk in elementary classrooms. This website illustrates key aspects of this learning across various dimensions including a story of one semester represented by a timeline.
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