Teaching and Learning Rituals and Routines for Literacy in Elementary Classrooms

Kathy Schultz , Teaching and Learning Reading Writing - Elementary
University of Pennsylvania

This website was developed by Kathy Schultz as part of the Goldman-Carnegie Quest Project, and can be accessed at the following URL:

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(this link was valid on 9/20/06)

What are the classroom rituals and routines that support the teaching of reading and writing in elementary classrooms?

What are the discourses for talking about classroom rituals and routines around teaching reading and writing in elementary classrooms?

How do student teachers learn, practice and adapt this language for teaching literacy in the elementary school?

This interactive timeline provides examples of how I used the Quest websites across the semester through links to documents and videos. Each of these items is linked to the particular class when I used the websites. The content of the class, as reflected on my syllabus, is highlighted above the timeline. The description of how I used the Quest website in that class is below the timeline. Above the timeline is a link to my unedited notes for each class. Below the timeline are links to videos and websites I used for that class, student work, assignments, and notes about what I planned to say during class about the materials.