Living the Life of a Reader and Writer
Jennifer Myers
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Writers Conference 4

Myers has a writer's conference during writer's workshop, and asks this student to share her story in author's chair.

During this conference, I begin by complimenting the student on something positive that I notice she is doing. Following this, I ask her what her next steps are. Then, I decide to give her a suggestion. It is not necessary that the student takes the suggestion from me. Sometimes I will give a suggestion instead of a teaching point if I notice that the student is doing fine on their own. The one thing I always make sure I do is check with each student before I have them share in the author’s chair. Since writing is very personal, I make sure that the student is comfortable first sharing it, before they agree to share it with an audience.  If they agree to share, then I make sure that the student and I are on the same page with what it is that I want them to share, because I try to link it back to what was taught during the mini lesson.

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