Living the Life of a Reader and Writer
Jennifer Myers
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Read Out Loud
Myers reads "Strega Nona" (Tomie de Paola) and alerts students to be looking for text-to-text connections.

Following attendance, my students and I begin our Readers Workshop. In this clip, I have selected a read aloud that I think will best match my teaching point. Today, I am reviewing with my students how to make text to text connections. I will model how to make a text to text connection as I read aloud the book to my students using the think aloud approach. In addition, I will ask my students to turn and talk during the read aloud to share their thoughts with their peers.

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That day, I was reading Strega Nona.  This was taped at the end of the year, so I was doing “The best of readers workshop” for the last two weeks of the school year-- we were hitting all of the things that I had already taught throughout the year.  Here, we were talking about text-to-text connections, which is a comprehension tool.  I modeled for them with my read-out-loud how to do a text-to-text connection, and then I told them, when you go back and do your independent reading today, if you have a text-to-text connection, I want you to take a sticky note, note the page, and continue reading.