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Jennifer Myers
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Authors' Chair

Two students read their stories in Author's Chair.

The author’s chair is just one way of sharing students work after writers workshop. I always try to make my share outs meaningful. I try to select a student that is modeling my teaching point from the mini lesson within their own writing. Following the author’s chair, the student author calls on one person in the class who has a positive comment for their writing, and then calls on another student who has an appropriate suggestion, or something they would like that student to try out in their writing on a different day. A positive comment might sound like this: “I really like how you described your main character in great detail. I really had a picture painted in my head about what they are like. “An appropriate suggestion might sound like this: “I really like your character development, however I am still not sure where your setting is of your story. Do you think you can try to add more details about your setting so I can clearly understand where your story is taking place? “

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