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About me

My name is Jennifer Myers and I have been a teacher for four years now. I teach at Barrett Elementary in Morgan Hill, California. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from San Jose State University in May 2000. The following year, I received my Multiple Subject Clear Credential from the credential program at SJSU. In June 2003, I began my Masters program in Education at San Jose State. I graduated in May 2005 with my MA in Education, as well as earning a reading specialist credential.

About my students

In my second grade classroom, there are a total of twenty one students. There are thirteen girls and eight boys. Out of these students, seven are second language learners and six of the seven are classified migrant. My classroom has a diverse cultural population. There are white, Hispanic or Latino, and African American students in my class.

About my school

Barrett Elementary was established in 2001 and is located near the geographic center of Morgan Hill, Ca. The school is surrounded by both new, market-rate homes and low income housing projects. Barrett is classified as a Title I school and approximately one fifth or 21.2% of the students on site are second language learners. In addition, the mobility rate at Barrett is 32%, and the migrant population consists of only forty students out of four hundred and eighty five enrolled. Barrett has students enrolled in grades K-6, with the student population representing nineteen different ethnic groups. The student population however is predominantly white and Hispanic or Latino.

All of the teachers on staff are fully credentialed teachers and are trained to differentiate instruction for English-only as well as second language learners. The staff also has RSP specialists, a speech teacher, a school psychologist, and an ELL coordinator. In grades K-3 class size reduction is in effect, where class size is limited to twenty students per teacher. In grades 4-6 the average class size is approximately thirty students per class teacher.    


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