Recording the Use of Records of Practice over time in Mathematics Teacher Education

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As Sonoma State's elementary mathematics educator, my primary teaching responsibiltiy is our department's Teaching Mathematics in Elementary Schools teaching methods course (EDMS 474). This is the only math methods course our students take. It occurs in the first semester of their 1 year teaching credentail program. I also supervise student teachers at Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley, a public charter school with a decidedly constructivist approach to teaching, and I coordinate an off-campus teaching credential program in a rural part of Northern California.

My current ethnographic and discourse analytic research focuses on the use of classroom routines to promote rigorous mathematical understandings and positive mathematical dispositions. I also study the professional development of elementary teachers, and the use of cases and records of practice in pre- and in-service teacher education.

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About My Program

The Department of Literacy Studies and Elementary Education offers teaching credentials including a California multiple subject teaching credential, a bilingual emphasis teaching credential, a reading certificante, a reading and language arts specialist credential. We also offer master's degrees in Early Childhood Education and Reading & Language Arts. Approximately 160 students complete our credential programs each year. One small cohort of these credenial students complete their program in a rural area of Northern California, in Mendocino and Lake Counties through a program I coordinate in Ukiah.

The department has an explicit emphases on constructivist education and social justice. These are evident in all of our courses, not only through the pedagogical practices we teach our students, but also through our own teaching practices. Our students demonstrate their learnings in these areas (and others) through a digital portfolio that they compile and submit to the faculty midway through the program and again as a culminating activity. Through our digital portfolio system, faculty iteratively collaborate and re-articulate course and program goals.

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About My Students

Each semester, Sonoma State's Multiple Subject Teaching Credential Program admits a cohort of roughly 80 new students most of whom intend to teach elementary school. California colleges do not offer undergraduate degrees in education. Thus my students are generally post-baccalaureate students, and roughly 90% of them are female. They bring a wide variety of life experiences to our program. While many enter our program upon completing their B.A., many are changing careers or returning to school after raising a family. In EDMS 474 - Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School, it is not unusual to find a 22 year olds side-by-side with 60 year old computer engineers, a 40 year old lawyers, and a 35 year old artist, 52 year old moms...

Our 41 semester-unit program is intense, as by law (SB2042), California students must be able to complete their teaching credential in a calendar year. Full-time students take the math course during Phase 1 of the program, concurrent with three other teaching methods courses (2nd Language Pedagogy, Teaching Reading to Young Children, and Teaching Science in the Elementary School) and a 2-day a week supervised field placement. While our students' field placements are spread throughout 5 counties, most are placed in schools that we have long-standing partnerships with. These schools are selected because they mirror the schools throughout the state and they provide students opportunities to try out what they are leanring within the SSU course.

Sonoma State University

SSU is one of the 23 campus in the California State University system. Located in the heart of the heart of the wine country in Northern California, with less than 8,000 students, SSU is a relatively small public university. Though today there is a campus-wide emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences, the university was founded in 1960 as a center for teacher education. The School of Education offers a variety of teaching and administrative credentials, master's degrees, and a joint doctoral program with U.C. Davis and Sacramento State University.

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