Embedding Ideas in Reality

Rick Marks , Secondary Mathematics Methods
Sonoma State University

Rick Marks

This website was developed by Rick Marks as part of the Goldman-Carnegie Quest Project, and can be accessed at the following URL:

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This web site documents my attempt to use multimedia records of actual teaching practice to improve my mathematics methods course for prospective secondary teachers.

I began by considering what I want to accomplish in the course. I made an extensive list of my course goals and objectives, then looked at what wasn't being well met. The result led me to focus on the connection between ideas and real practices. I designed and implemented a major course assignment, called PEP (Projects Exploring Practice), then analyzed its effects.

The flow of this web site invites a visitor to explore first Sonoma State's secondary teacher education program, then my math methods course, as important contexts for the PEP assignment. The remainder of the site focuses on PEP: what I did, what the teacher candidates did, and what all of us learned.