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Case Development:
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Mathematics Content Teaching Footage
  Addition and Subtraction

  First Grade

      4-lesson unit: comparison word problems
      combining/separating       Lesson in another classroom
      comparison/difference       Teaching dilemma using manipulatives
  Variations       Teaching dilemma with wording
      increasing   Second Grade
      decreasing       Five step problem solving
      separating Student Footage, First Grade
      difference       Varun
  Liping Ma's models       Jane
      Three concepts of addition       Vicente
      Increasing becomes decreasing Student Work Samples
      Combining becomes separating       First Grade
      Comparison becomes difference       Second Grade
  Problem Solving       Third Grade
      Five Step Approach Resources
      George Polya       Standards
Faculty Members at Work       Related Texts/Bilblography
      Learning math models       Pedagogical Content Knowledge
      Team planning and debriefing Sue Lampkin
      Teacher to teacher conversations       Biography
      Sue Lampkin on teaching        
      Sue Lampkin on student        
      First Grader with parents        
      K. Bransfield, colleague        
      S. Jensen, colleague        
      Liping Ma