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Case Development:
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

These clips, samples, and reflections focus on the work of Sue Lampkin and a number of colleagues at Slater Elementary School in Mountain View, California. Lampkin and her colleagues worked together with Liping Ma, a mathematics educator, to strengthen their understanding of the complexities of teaching "basic" math.
student looking at camera
This site includes a section on the mathematical content related to addition, subtraction and problem solving that led Sue and her colleagues to look more deeply at their instruction and their students' learning.
    It also provides a glimpse of how Sue and several colleagues worked to apply what they were learning about mathematics and pedagogy in units on problem solving.
student talking
student working
The section on looking closely at student work documents several of the "puzzling situations" that Sue and her colleagues encountered which encouraged them to rethink their instruction. It also provides access to student papers, posters and videos.
  teachers meeting The section on collaboration includes a look at the faculty meeting during which Ma came to visit and started Sue and her colleagues on their thinking about the conceptual side of addition and subtraction as well as video clips from meetings in which the teachers planned their units and reflected together.
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This site was constructed through a collaboration between Lampkin and Matt Ellinger, a researcher from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. For the most part, the texts are drawn from conversations and interviews with Sue, and the design reflects some of the key issues she felt influenced the development of her work. As she put it, "The site strives to document a faculty's journey together from a place where we didn't even know what we didn't know to a place where mathematics content is at the core of many of our conversations as a faculty."