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Mills College Teachers for Tomorrow's Schools Program

Multiple Subjects and Developmental Perspectives in Teaching Specialization

Professional Interests

Cognitive development, development of literacy, application of developmental theory to educational issues, teacher education, teacher development including development of teachers from their training throughout their careers

Professional Biography

Mills College Teacher Education program is a graduate program for becoming credentialed as an elementary or secondary teacher. We offer four specializations within the program: Early Childhood (P-5), Elementary (K-5), Single Subject in Art, English and Social Studies, Single Subject in Math or Science.

Mills Graduate School of Education

Our students are all graduate students earning both a California Teaching Credential and a Masters degree in either Teaching or Early Childhood Education. Many of our students are bilingual in Spanish and participate in Project Pathways, a federally funded program to prepare teachers to work with children who are bilingual in Spanish and English, or who are English Learners. Our students are diverse in many ways, including age, experience, ethnicity, language and interests. They are impassioned about teaching all children well, providing opportunities for excellent achievement for all their students.

Project Pathways

Mills College, Oakland, CA
Mills College, Oakland, CA

Mills College is a liberal arts college with undergraduate education for women and graduate education programs for men and women. It is located in Oakland, CA and is the oldest institution for higher education for women on the West Coast.

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