Learning Mathematics in a Community of Inquiry
Sandie Gilliam
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First Day of IMP 3, Clip 5

Whole group discussion.

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Students share their thinking at the board.

“I’m really particular about vocabulary….I’ll stop and interject….”  I explain why.

“This is a time you need to go up to the board….” I explain participation points.

“Can you explain that?”

“Does everybody agree?”
”Can we figure out how everyone can be part of the discussion?”

“Does everybody follow that? Is there anyone who’s lost on that? Again, another thing that’s really important for success in IMP 3, is no matter how hard it is to raise your hand and say ‘I’m not following,’ in IMP 3, this is a really important college-prep skill, you have to say, “I don’t get it. You have to be really brave. We’re going to be doing lots of things and it’s going to depend on all of us together to work out these problems….”

“Over here I have the homework board….”