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Welcome to Developing Mathematical Practice

Learning about and from Practice

We are going to spend the next couple of months together refining our practices around teaching mathematics. Our explcicit goal is to learn how to learn from practice. Specifically, we will focus on two practices and unpack them in ways that both help us examine practice in a way that helps us get better and figure out how to get better at practice as we teach.

We will focus on problem posing and ...a second practice to be determined but most likely eliciting students' mathematical thinking.

We start with Lilliam and move to viewing other teachers and then you all try it on your own.

Pass 1....Lilliam's Problem Posing.

What are the elements of problem posing illustrated in the second example of Lilliam's teaching?

In small groups discuss responses to the Mathematics Teaching Practice Framework





Mathematics teaching Practice Framework

Pass 2 - Looking to QUEST Teachers' Practice

In pairs or on your own...use the Mathematics Teaching Practice Framework to examine problem posing for two other teachers

Mary Hurley - 5th grade....go to the Horse problem

Sue Lampkin - 1st grade ...got to Lesson 1

Hurley working horse problem

Lampkin Lesson 1

Pass 3 - Looking to your Own Practice

Problem Pose! Now it is your turn to investigate your own problem posing.

Make a plan... use Your Mathematics Teaching Practice Framework

Try Problem posing in your student teaching

Reflect...use Your Mathematics Teaching Practice Framework

Bring your reflections to class....

Your Mathematics Teaching Practice Framework

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