Unpacking Mathematical Practice

Megan Franke , Mathematics Methods
University of California, Los Angeles

Megan Franke

This website was developed by Megan Franke as part of the Goldman-Carnegie Quest Project, and can be accessed at the following URL:

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Problem of Practice

A ongoing dilemma for me is how to best prepare my students to do the work of teaching mathematics in an urban setting. The focus for me here is "practice". I set out this year to find ways to better support students as they develop the practice of teaching mathematics. This site documents my process and is laid out in two phases of experimentation.

"My larger goal in incorporating the Quest work is to help students learn to learn from their own practice. My more specific goal is to help them learn how to unpack practice."

Creating Opportunities

In my mathematics methods practice I am working on creating the following opportunities:

1. For preservice teachers' learning to become generative - where teachers learn to learn from their practice, where they learn to experiment systematically

2. For the preservice teachers' to begin to develop specific and detailed knowledge about the trajectories of students' mathematical thinking

3. For the preservice teachers' to challenge (in ongoing ways) the assumptions they bring about students, about culture about diversity and how those play out in their interactions with students to support student understanding and identities

4. For preservice teachers to make sense of the above ideas in relation to their work in urban schools - the reality and other aspects of the work that influence how the above ideas they develop will play out for them