A Fifth Grade Unit on Colonial New York: Developing Perspectives Through Historic Role Play

Martha Andrews, Fifth Grade Social Studies
Bronx New School, Bronx, NY

Martha Andrews

This website was developed by the National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching (NCREST) at Teachers College, and can be accessed at the following URL:


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This website documents the evolution of a 14 week project on Colonial New York in Martha Andrews' 5th grade classroom at the Bronx New School. This project builds on the New York Standards for social studies and focuses particularly on helping students:

The website presents Andrew's initial plan for the project, shows how the project unfolds, and documents three days towards the end of the project. The site includes excerpts from interviews and reflections with Andrews and Beverly Falk, a teacher educator who observed several days of the project. Falk is currently a Professor at City College and is formerly the director of the Bronx New School as well as one of its founders.