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What can be learned from the practice of experienced, accomplished teachers?

Explore perspectives on the challenges and possibilities of using the Living Archive in teacher learning. The views expressed here seek to help us understand some of the ways this Archive can be and has been useful.

Our current set of perspectives includes the views of three prominent teacher educators who have provided lenses for understanding both the uses of multimedia representations with pre-service teachers and their impact. Megan Franke and Angela Grace Chan of UCLA focus on The Preparation of Teachers for Mathematics Instruction; Katherine Shultz and Anne Burns Thomas of the University of Pennsylvania focus on The Preparation of Teachers for Elementary Reading and Writing Instruction; and Anna Richert and Julie Nicholson of Mills College concentrate on The Preparation of Teachers in the Foundations of Teaching Practice.

The Perspectives

Katherine Schultz & Anne Burns Thomas
Constructing literacy methods courses: Learning to teach from multimedia images of practice
Anna Richert & Julie Nicholson
Using Web-based records of practice to teach foundational ideas and dispositions in teaching: Preparing teachers for responsible, responsive, socially just and equitable practice
Megan Loef Franke & Angela Grace Chan
Making Mathematics Teaching Practices Visible

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