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"When you really get inside teachers' practice, you can see how complex and complicated everyday teaching is."  -Ann Lieberman.

At the heart of Inside Teaching is the challenge to capture the wisdom of practice. Here K-12 teachers and teacher educators document their practice, reflect on their teaching and build on each other's work. On their multimedia records of teaching practice, you can find videos of teaching, examples of lesson plans, practitioner reflections and narratives, images of student work, and many other documents of teaching and learning.

You can search these individual websites by grade level, subject area and by name.

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An East Oakland Odyssey: Exploring the Love of Reading in a Small School|Elena|Aguilar||2004 A 5th Grade Unit on Colonial New York: Developing Perspectives through Historic Role Play|Martha|Andrews||2005 Teaching Art|Nancy|Beal||2004 The Development and Use of Representations in Teaching and Learning about Problem Solving: Exploring the Rule of 3 in Elementary School Mathematics|Tim|Boerst||2003 University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Teacher Portfolios|Kiley|Bohen||2006 Feeling at Home in the Science Classroom|Claire|Bove||2004 Human Agency, Social Action and Classroom Practices: What happens when teachers move over to allow students to pave their own path towards enacting change?|Vanessa|Brown||2003 Learning from our conversations in English: Using video in the bilingual classroom as a tool for reflection on English language learning and teaching|Sarah|Capitelli||2003
Teaching Within and Beyond the Mandated Curriculum in a Fifth Grade Language Arts Classroom|Amelia|Coleman||2006 Constructing Urban High School Students as Achievers|Joan|Cone||2006 Methods for Teaching English in the Secondary Schools|Christine|Cziko||2006 The Colors of Algebra: Rigor and Resilience at a `Last Chance` School|Joanne|da Luz||2006 Building a Community of Writers in a First Grade Classroom|Mattie|Davis||2004 A Friend of Their Minds: Capitalizing on the Oral Tradition of My African American Students|Yvonne|Divans Hutchinson||2003 Introducing Shakespeare|Yvonne|Divans Hutchinson||2006 Teaching High School Students to be Active Participants in Their Society|John|Elfrank-Dana||2005
Helping Teacher Learners Develop Inquiry As A Habit Of Heart And Mind|Beverly|Falk||2006 Beginning the Journey from Student to Teacher|Sharon|Feiman-Nemser||2006 Mathematics Methods|Megan|Franke||2006 Personal Geometries: Working within the Variable Landscapes of Language, Culture, Curriculum and Relationship|Ellen|Franz||2006 Hypertext Pedagogy in an English Language Development Methods Course|Tomas|Galguera||2006 9th-12th grade Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP)|Sandie|Gilliam||2003 How do we prepare teachers to lead student-centered, text-based discussions in their classrooms?|Pam|Grossman||2005 Negotiating the Fifth Grade Math Curriculum: Compliance and Revision|Mary|Hurley||2001
Developing Oral Language Skills of English Language Learners in 9-10th Grade Global Studies|Terry|Judson||2004 Connecting Assessment with Teaching in Literacy|Linda|Kroll||2006 Transforming Teacher Learning to Student Learning|Sue|Lampkin||2005 Why Teach and Perform Shakespeare? Learning from the Bard|Phil|Levien||2005 The Writerly Life in a Spanish Immersion Kindergarten|Cyrus|Limon||2007 Middle School History and Social Studies|Heidi|Lyne||2001 Multiple Measures of Student Achievement in an Interdisciplanary Unit on the Harlem Renaissance|Irma|Lyons||2001 Creating Structures that Facilitate Independence in a First Grade Classroom|Gillian|Maimon||2004
Embedding Ideas in Reality: The PEP Project in Secondary Math Methods|Rick|Marks||2006 Culturally Engaged Instruction: Putting Theory into Practice|Renee|Moore||2003 University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Teacher Portfolios|Erin|Moore||2006 Novices Using Records of Practice for Virtual Observation of Accomplished Practice: Two Cycles of Activity addressing course & programmatic objectives|Kathy|Morris||2005 Living the Life of a Reader and Writer|Jennifer|Myers||2005 Negotiating Pedagogy in Context|Cindy|Pease-Alvarez||2006 Working on Accountable Talk and Text-to-Text Connections in First Grade Literacy|Melissa|Pedraza||2005 Asking the Big Question: Why is this event important?|Becky|Pereira||2007
Looking Beyond Themselves: Preparing Students to Become Invested Members of Their Community|Anne|Pfitzner||2002 University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Teacher Portfolios|Brian|Phelps||2006 Playing with the Possible: Teaching, Learning and Drama on the Second Stage|Marsha|Pincus||2001 Double Double, Toil and Trouble: Engaging Urban High School Students in the Study of Shakespeare|Marsha|Pincus||2002 Learning to `See` the Practice of Teaching in an Elementary Mathematics Methods Course|Janine|Remillard||2006 Learning About Adolescents From Teachers Who Teach Them Well|Anna|Richert||2006 Visualizing Actions to Provide Written Details|Rachel|Rothman||2007 Talk About a Community|Sangita|Sadpathy-Lem||2004
What are the classroom rituals and routines that support the teaching of reading and writing in elementary classrooms?|Katherine|Schultz||2005 Using Reading and Writing to Build Community|Katherine|Schultz||2006 Challenging Student Identity: Integrating Jewish Studies into the History Classroom|Judy|Shulman| & Elizabeth Sharkey|2006 Co-teaching 9th Grade Math|Becca|Tatistcheff||2005 Professional Development: Noyce Foundation's Every Child a Reader and Writer Program|Brenda|Wallace||2007 Using Mentor Texts to Inspire Strong and Beautiful Language|Mark|White||2007 Considering the Instruction of English Language Development: Using a Multimedia Representation of Teacher Scholarship as Text in a Language Foundations Course|David|Whitenack||2006 Pio Pico Student Researchers Participatory Action Research: From Classroom to Community, Transforming Teaching and Learning|Emily|Wolk||2002