Things didn't just happen as naturally as I thought they would at the village fair. The students were shy, assuming their expertise or their hard work on the scale model spoke for itself. It took several tries and many curious community members before they realized how much they really knew. It actually was exciting for them as the realization of their own expertise was beginning to be recognized. Mid-winter Paige was already connecting our project back to the land. She informed us that there were trees that lined the eastern side of the parcel.Their confidence continued to grow. Looking back, I am shocked at how much interest, enthusiasm and concern they had for making the park the best it could be. Caution though, a bit too much autonomy can be a bit dangerous as a city council member and I found out. The students were less than receptive to the idea of a sculpture being placed in the park. Concerned about vandalism, damage due to the cold or just inappropriateness, they began to challenge her a bit. Once asked to describe some of the positives and given the opportunity to sketch an idea of their own, they began to lighten up a bit. After building their ideas with clay they were more than ready to see a sculpture be placed in the park.

  • Students respond to a radio interview.
  • Students discuss the project with community members at the Health Fair and at a Parks and Recreation City Council meeting.
  • Students report back to classmates about both presentation experiences.

  • Students asked community members for feedback and suggestions as to how they could further extend the project.
  • Students discuss connections to stories of similar projects listed in National Geographic's Kids As Citizens.



Video: the students present their findings to the Parks and Recreation Board
(High-speed connection/ Low-speed Connection)


Student reflections

Students present at Village Health Fair

Students are interviewed for a local radio program

Students practice reading the PSA to keep it within 30-sec limit

Sculpture ideas inspired by City Council Member's suggestion (artist: Maggie)