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Hypertext Pedagogy in Two English Language Development Methods Courses
and One Research Seminar

Tomás Galguera

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I teach in the Teachers for Tomorrow's School teacher education program at Mills College, a liberal arts women's college in Oakland, California. My main responsibility is preparing teachers to teach English learners (almost 25 percent of all K-12 students in California are English learners [CDE graph]). In addition, in recent years, I have taught courses for credentialed teachers coming back to finish their Master's degrees..

This site represents a documentation of my use of a set of hypertext multimedia tools, including Quest sites, the KEEP ToolKit, collaborative group spaces (Tiki), and WordCircle as both content and documentation and publication media for my students' inquiry findings. This project took place in the context of the English Language Development Methods courses for multiple (elementary) and single-subject (secondary) preservice teachers and a Research Seminar for practicing teachers. My goals in choosing this approach are

1. To make public my students' learning and my teaching practice;
2. To raise my students' awareness toward creating text in a genre that is new to most of them (ie, Web pages), and the implications that such an experience has on their development as teachers. And for me,
3. To develop an appropriate pedagogy for this approach.

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"The idea of going public is creating a really interesting dynamic in my class. For many students, there is a peer pressure that is not just about writing to me; they are writing for each other and sharing."

-January 2006

This electronic portfolio was created using the KEEP Toolkit™, developed at the
Knowledge Media Lab of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.
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