Building a Community of Writers
in a First Grade Classroom

Mattie Davis , Frederick Douglass Elementary School
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Building Rituals and Routines Teaching Writing Conferencing with Students
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"Being Outside" Assignment: Taking a walk outside was a great way for children to see this is what writers do, they see this particular thing, but they may choose to focus on different things. For example, Laron may write a poem. Jennifer may see the same thing but instead of a poem use great descriptive writing. Rob may be seeing the same things but something may jar his memory and realize, “Oh, I can create this great story,” and then there’s a narrative that comes out of it. And someone else may say, “Well, I really liked going outside,” and then write a critique. So, we were all outside but then we all write about it in different ways. We had talked about this in doing different things with our writing and experiencing these different ways of writing. We experienced the same thing, but as writers, feel free to use whichever mode we feel comfortable in to write about that same experience. When the children were doing these different kinds of writing and saying, “Well, you know, this is what it was." For us to have that conversation was wonderful.

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