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Making Mathematics Teaching Practices Visible


Welcome to the mathematics education teacher education web pages. You will find throughout these pages opportunities to learn with the teacher educators about the use of the multi-media websites and the teaching of mathematics methods more generally. These pages include detailed examples of both pedagogical practices to support teacher education student learning as well as explicit attention to the principles driving the practice. We identified three themes that we found central to the work of all the mathematics education teacher educators. These include a focus on high-leverage practices, detailing practice and embedding mathematical content. We share these themes with you here as a way to help you understand what the various sites offer.

Exhibition Components

An introduction to what our sites have to offer as well as our conception of mathematics teaching and learning.

High Leverage Practices
Identifying and focusing on high leverage practices allows as teacher educators to focus on daily practices that support ongoing learning of details and principled ideas.

Detailing Practice
Understanding the details of teaching practice is challenging for teacher education students. The K-12 websites are well suited to supporting teacher educators in this work.

Embedding Mathematics
Continuing to learn about mathematics while learning to teach mathematics is a central goal of all of our teacher education practice

A look back at our learning while doing this work.

Introduction Videos

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Rick Marks Megan Franke Janine Remillard Kathy Morris